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  1. Hand tool - A1035

    *A1035 *Brand: *Price *Waiting Period: 3 Days *Description: Hand tool - silicone profiling tools
    Rs 320.00
  2. Tile Levelling Strip 1025-A1050

    *A1050 *Brand: Tile Levelling Strip 3MM 100 *Price *Waiting Period: 10-14days *Description: ✔ How to use:- Insert clips under the tile. Clamp between the to tiles, and then insert wedge into clip. Adjust and clamp tightly by leveling pliers. Wait for 24 hours, use hammer to knock the clips. ✔ Note:- Please allow 0-2cm error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding. Monitors are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from the real object. Please take the real one as standard.
    Rs 260.00
  3. Steel Notched Trowel 11" 3MMX3MM Notch 25901-A1028

    *A1028 *Brand: Rubi 25901 High Wear Resistance Steel Plate *Price *Waiting Period: 3 Days *Description:
    Rs 359.00
  4. Steel Notched Trowel 11" 8MMX8MM Notch 25905-A1029

    *A1029 *Brand: Rubi 25905 High Wear Resistance Steel Plate *Price *Waiting Period: 3 Days *Description:
    Rs 359.00
  5. Steel Notched Trowel 11"12MMX12MM Notch 25907-A1030

    *A1030 *Brand: Rubi 25907 High Wear Resistance Steel Plate *Price *Waiting Period: 3 Days *Description:
    Rs 359.00
  6. Manual Tile Cutter -A1031

    *A1031 *Brand: Rubi 26961 HIT *Price *Waiting Period: 10-14 Days *Description: Manual tile cutter up to 4 FT includes one 8 MM scoring wheel
    Rs 27,365.00
  7. Safety shoes - spike (pair) - A1032

    *A1032 *Brand: *Price *Waiting Period: 3 Days *Description: safety shoes - spike (pair)
    Rs 2,070.00
  8. Grout Spreader - A1034

    *A1034 *Brand: *Price *Waiting Period: 3 Days *Description: Grout Spreader
    Rs 180.00
  9. Rubber hand gloves (Pair) - A1033

    *A1033 *Brand: *Price *Waiting Period: 3 Days *Description: Rubber hand gloves (pair)
    Rs 470.00
  10. Tile Levelling Wedge 1022-A1051

    *A1051 *Brand: Tile Levelling Wedge (100 PC) *Price *Waiting Period: 10-14 Days *Description:Specification: Level the first tile. Put the Clip into the tile bottom. Keep proper distance according to the tile specifications, or place in the corner of the tile. Using a rubber hammer to strike the tile. At the same time, Move wedge inside the clip to press down until two tiles are in level. Wait for 24 hours or until adhesive get proper dry. then break clip by foot. FEATURES: - Reusable wedge - Solve tiled leveling and alignment. - Use wall pillar for wall tile - Ceramic tile, stone floor and wall construction when laying leveling and left seam tools. - Convenient to operation and more casual easy removal after handling. - Very Easy To Learn And Use At All Skill Levels. - Installation Is Twice As Fast And Virtually Eliminates Lippage. - Prevents Tiles From Moving While Drying. - More Profitable For The Installer. - Reduces Installer Fatigue And Stress. - Lippage Free, Level Surface Drastically Reduces The Need For Grinding. - Works well with large floor tile projects. - Use for leveling all tile types, such as porcelain, ceramic, marble and all-natural stone. - Durable polymer construction for a secure hold. - Locking ribs on top for a secure hold - Flexible, soft plastic design for easy maneuvering in tile joints. - Compatible with all types of Tiles. - These are used to get a perfect and even groove in your tiles. - Best quality raw material used for longer durability and strength. - Help to line-up tiles at the corner when installing ceramic floor & wall tile. - Evenly spaces and helps to align floor and wall tiles.
    Rs 380.00


Items 1 to 10 of 35 total

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