Creating your style of living

Surabhi Buildwares are well equipped to support all your construction requirements right from scratch at its best! Let’s make it a cherishing experience together.


Unlike our competitors, Surabi Buildwares is a full span construction solutions provider with a rich heritage and work culture that extends to 25 years. We have evolved a lot to cope up with the trends of the time and still maintain our extraordinary quality standards as well as the demand in the market. We are growing to the concept of complete builders, focusing on personalization and being independent. We are the best people for construction as well as to supply top quality building materials to make it look awesome at unbelievable rates.

Comfortable Living

Our construction policies stick on to international standards and you are assured a comfortable living, as you were longing for. We only make use of the top quality construction materials at the best rates for better durability and customer satisfaction.

Extended Support

Apart from the support for construction, we extend our support to paper work, procedures, registration, and arranging finance from reliable financiers. We have succeeded to become a credible and trust worthy brand out of our hard work and dedication these years.


Stay comfortable within your housing budgets with Surabhi Buildwares and gain opulent Surabhi Homes with State of art infrastructure. We include a comprehensive work spectrum including Commercial buildings, Residential complexes & communities, Individual residences, Process & treatment plants, Hotel & resorts, Hospitals, Factories/ware-houses & other industrial complexes.


  • 25 years of enviable experience
  •  Own showrooms at Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Thrissur
  •  More than 50 franchises sprinkled throughout Kerala
  •  Showrooms at Strategic locations (Air Port entrance-Kochi)
  •  Value added services
  •  On time delivery